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A Tradition of Service

Since 1925, Brighton Fire Department has provided the highest value fire-rescue service to our property and home owners by “combining” the benefits of 95 volunteer firefighters with the benefits of  30 career firefighters.

To continue providing that high level of service our community expects, our model depends upon residents and homeowners like you to get involved.



Being a volunteer firefighter with the Brighton Fire Department is a truly rewarding experience. Not only are you dedicating your time to those in need, but the relationships you will build with the other members and families will last you a lifetime.

  • Give back to the community in a most unique way

  • Excitement your day job doesn’t offer

  • Help neighbors and strangers alike in their time of need

  • Sense of pride from being part of an elite team

  • Organized social events for volunteers and their families

  • Leadership and management opportunities

  • Learn new skills and make close friends

  • Be in a profession you never thought of “back then”



Our volunteers are diverse in age, backgrounds, and occupations.  Attorneys, Business-Owners, Stay-at-home parents, Accountants, Engineers, Retirees, Teachers, Sales Professionals and Pastors have all been part of our team. Men and women of all ages are encouraged to volunteer!

  • District residency not required

  • Flexible options for busy families and professionals

  • Choice of firefighting and non-firefighting roles for new members ages 18-55+

The majority of our members join without any previous experience. Our training programs are designed to educate our new members as well as provide ongoing skill development to our existing members.

Volunteer Open Recruitment Session

A brief introduction to the opportunities available at the Brighton Fire Department is offered the third Monday in January, March, June, and October.

starts at 7:00pm
BFD Station One
3100 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14610
30 minute presentation, 30 minute tour, and a 30 minute Q&A
Meet other volunteers, too! No RSVP required.

Download our Volunteer brochure!


  • Firefighting

  • Non-Firefighting On-Scene Support

  • Administrative Support

  • Community Education & Outreach


Making a difference in your community is its own reward, but joining our team can also give you access to some exciting benefits as well. In support of our hard-working volunteers, some of our valued community partners offer discounts and benefits to our members, such as an interest-free home loan program, and low- to no-cost membership to the JCC.



High School/Junior Firefighter Explorer Program

The Brighton Fire Department Explorer Post 513 offers life experience, community service scholarship opportunities and more for boys and girls ages 14-18. This is our Junior Firefighter Program and is operated in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America by our own firefighters.

All Explorers are supervised by New York State Certified Firefighters who meet all necessary criteria and background checks. Explorers are not placed in situations either in training or real life that will threaten their health and well being. Safety is our highest priority.

If you or someone you know may be interested in joining the Post, you can get more information on the Explorer Post 513 Facebook Page.

You can also contact us at:
Phone or text  message to:  585-209-9020
Email: post513@brightonfd.org

BFD College Firefighter Live-In/Bunker Program -  Go to our detailed live-in webpage

Are you a firefighter and a student attending college in the Rochester area? 

If so then the Brighton Fire Department has a Live-In/Bunker Program that you may be interested in. Our program will allow you to enhance and build your firefighting skills, participate as an interior firefighter while you are away from home at school, gain experience working with both career and volunteer firefighters all while attending college rent free.

If this interests you the Brighton Fire Department will host an informational meeting for student firefighters interested in joining our live-in program for the 2018-2019 academic year. 

The informational session will be held at Brighton Fire Station One (3100 East Avenue, Rochester) in March of each year on a to-be-scheduled Saturday morning. However,  it's never too early to reserve a spot or express interest.

Applicants should contact Deputy Chief Rick Zicari at rick.zicari@BrightonFD.org in advance for information on the program and program requirements.  Or send us your contact info via our inquiry form.

Please be sure to study our website to learn more about our volunteer opportunities and entire organization.