Firefighter Spotlight


Lt. Ken Matzan
Member Spotlight
Current Occupation: Water Distribution Technician for the City of Rochester
Joined: October 2011 (Joined Fairport in 2002)

"I joined the Fairport Fire Department in 2002 as an explorer. Due to my job's residency requirement I had to move into the City of Rochester and as such I could no longer continue to respond to calls in Fairport. However, due to Brighton's proximity to the City and some of the volunteer options they offer people who do not live in the town's limits, I was able to continue serving my community with the Brighton Fire Department which I joined in 2011.

It is very rewarding for me to help people in need and to experience the adrenaline rush of not knowing what I'm getting into. Ultimately, my favorite aspect of the fire service, and particularly that of the Brighton Fire Department, is the friendships/camaraderie ("the brotherhood") I experience with all my fellow firefighters.

Finally, in being an officer, I can pass along to the next generation of firefighters all the aspects of what I love about the fire service in a safe and fun fashion so that my brothers and sisters can continue to do what they love and provide top-notch service to our community."

Rick Zicari