2019-2020 & 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR
Students and Parents Welcome!

For the 2019/2020 School Year, please contact us right away at or (585)209-9020.

For the 2020/2021 School Year, we will announce our next Bunker Information Session on a Saturday in March. Please contact us to get an email invitation to attend when our date is settled. or (585)298-6420.

MARCH 2020, date to be announced

BFD College Firefighter Live-In/Bunker Program

Are you a firefighter and a student attending college in the Rochester area? 

If so then the Brighton Fire Department has a Live-In/Bunker Program that you may be interested in. Our program will allow you to enhance and build your firefighting skills, participate as an interior firefighter while you are away from home at school, gain experience working with both career and volunteer firefighters all while attending college rent free.

If this interests you the Brighton Fire Department will host an informational meeting for student firefighters interested in joining our live-in program for the 2019 -2020 academic year. 

The informational session will be held at Brighton Fire Station One (3100 East Avenue, Rochester) in March of each year on a to-be-scheduled Saturday morning. However,  it's never too early to reserve a spot or express interest.

Applicants should contact Deputy Chief Rick Zicari at in advance for information on the program and program requirements.  Or send us your contact info via our inquiry form.

Please be sure to study our website to learn more about our volunteer opportunities and entire organization.


Our Bunker Program is a proven, quality program having successfully hosted many firefighters since 2006. 
Some benefits include:

  • A successful track record since 2006

  • Living accommodations at no cost.

  • Bed, desk and dresser

  • 100 mb/sec Wifi access

  • Laundry facilities

  • Parking

  • Kitchen facilities.

  • Cable TV

  • Fire gear and uniforms

  • Training opportunities

  • Up to 13 credit hours of college credit for participation.

  • Contact MCC Fire Protection Technology Program Coordinator for more information. Jay France (

  • Ample opportunity for fire calls (2500 calls annually)

In addition to the features of the program, all Live-In Bunker participants can:

  • Attend any BFD training session with both volunteer and career staff

  • Attend any BFD fire call riding apparatus or personal vehicle while off duty

  • Participate in other BFD programs outside of their bunker schedule

  • Attend all applicable social functions and meetings

Where Are They Today?

Many of our Bunkers have gone on to pursue successful  careers in departments such as:

  • Brighton Fore Department

  • FDNY

  • Ridge Road Fire District

  • Fishers Fire Department

  • Batavia Fire Department

  • Rochester Fire Department

  • Rochester Airport Fire Department

  • Monroe COunty Sheriff's Office

  • Rochester Police Department

  • Richmond, Va, Police Department


The bunker program was instrumental to me starting my career. I included it on every resume for every fire department position I applied for. Having the experience of working in a combination department like Brighton prepared me for my career with one of the largest combination departments in the country. Being a member of the Brighton Fire Department bunker program was one of the best decisions I ever made and would strongly recommend it to anybody who is looking to gain experience with a great department
— Chris Kenney (2012-2014), Anne Arundel County Fire Department
Being apart of the bunk program was a great experience for me. During my two years i learned a great amount, on the fire ground and in the firehouse. The firehouse etiquette was one of the best things i learned. Being a part of the guys and feeling welcomed, along with knowing the guys trusted me and the other bunkers made for a great experience.
— Jake Bement (2010-2012) Fishers Fire Department
The Bunker program at the Brighton Fire Department is a great way to continue to engage yourself as a firefighter while attending college. This program provides students with the opportunity to volunteer 24 hours a week in exchange for room and board at a off campus house. If your looking to pursue a career as a firefighter this program will certainly help you develop the knowledge and experience you need
— Steve Cline Bunker (2009-2012), Brighton Fire Department


Q. I don’t have NYS Firefighter 1 or National Certification. Can I take part in the program.?

A. All bunkers must be Firefighter 1 certified by August of the starting school year.  If you
can’t meet the deadline, it may be possible to start the spring semester or participate in
our Squad program.


Q. I would like to become a paid firefighter.  Will this program help?
A. Several of our past bunkers have gone on to great careers in the fire service, including
the Brighton Fire Department, FDNY, Ridge Road FD, and Greater Rochester Intl
We can’t guarantee a job, but we do offer you the opportunity to work alongside a career
staff and gain valuable real-life experience which could benefit you.


Q. Do I need to be an EMT to be part of the program?

A. No, this is not required but it is preferred since 40 percent of our calls are EMS related.


Q. Can I use my own helmet?

A. All equipment not issued by the Brighton Fire Department must be approved, so yes, it is

Q. I already have housing, can I still be part of the Brighton Fire Department?
A. Yes, we offer a non live-in opportunity which requires less hours of scheduled
participation and provides a guaranteed spot in the bunkhouse should a spot become
Available.  You would go through the same application process as a live-in.