Organizational Overview

The Brighton Fire Department, as we know it today, was founded in 1925, and provides fire, rescue, and first-response EMS services, as well as safety education, within the Brighton Fire District. The Brighton Fire District covers approximately ⅔ of the Town of Brighton and a small portion of the northwestern portion of the Town of Pittsford.  Our district is located in the suburbs of Rochester, New York within Monroe County.

Though our district appears very residential, there is a substantial amount of commercial, office, senior-care, higher-education, and medical facilities, as well as highways.  Since 1925, our staffing model has been a combination of career and volunteer personnel.  Today, BFD employs career firefighters, officers, and several administrative assistants to supplement its force of approximately 90 volunteers who together train for and respond to approximately 2400 calls annually including Firefighting, Rescue, first-response EMS, Hazardous Materials, and Water Rescue.  



Fire District/Commissioners:

Chairman & Commissioner: Richard Garrett
Commissioners: Donald Jeffries, David Metzger, Harmon Potter, Michael Wright
Executive Director: Ted Aroesty
Treasurer: Lawrence Howk
Business Manager: Michele Fitch

Line Officers

Fire Chief: Aaron Hiller
Deputy Chief: Brian Peartree
Assistant Chief: Rick Zicari
Captains: Jeff Hahn, Bill Palma, Rick Tracy, Mike Sands
Lieutenants: Dave Osborne, Ken Stavalone, Bill Clark, Chris Gunter, Patrick Meagher
Senior Safety Officer: Jim Quinn

Fire Department/Board

President: Vincent Nolan
Vice President: Denis Jeffries
Secretary: Richard Wersinger
Treasurer: Chuck Chapin
Directors: Les Bernard, Jamie Garrett, Brian Lynch, Chris Stoffel, Scott Wihlen, Ken Williams
Immediate Past President: Jim Quinn


Captain: Spence Kennedy
Lieutenant: Pat Vernetti

Fire Explorers

Firefighter Advisors: Tom Kilburn and Janet O'Connor


Tom Kilburn