Station 1 - Headquarters

3100 East Avenue Rochester
New York 14610

Station 2

2605 Elmwood Avenue Rochester
New York 14618

Station 3

429 Clover Street Rochester
New York 14610


Brighton has a number of apparatus to serve the needs of the community. These include Quints, Engines (engines are sometimes referred to as "pumpers"), Rescues,  and Squad Vehicles.

Brighton has three Engines. An Engine's primary purpose is to bring and pump supply water for extinguishment of fire. In addition Brighton’s Engines are equipped with emergency medical supplies and some ice water rescue equipment.

Brighton has two Quints. A quint is a vehicle that combines the benefits of a ladder truck and an engine.  Having the versatility to serve in both roles (ladder or engine), The ladder is used to provide elevated access to structures for rescue and for ventilation options during a structure fire.  Additionally, BFD sends the quint to all expressway incidents, to serve as a shield between oncoming traffic, and the emergency workers and citizens at the incident. Brighton’s Quints carry hydraulic rescue tools, emergency medical supplies, ice water rescue equipment, and chimney fire tools.

Brighton has one Rescue. Rescue trucks are essentially rolling tool boxes, and it is dispatched to all structure fires and motor vehicle accidents with reports of people trapped. BFD’s Rescue is equipped with a full compliment of hydraulic extrication tools and has a system for refilling air bottles that are used by firefighters in structure fires. 

Brighton has one Squad Vehicle.  The Squad Vehicle carries the tools and equipment for five firefighters to make initial progress at an incident scene until Engines, Quints, and Rescues arrive with more specialized equipment. 

300 - Quint
Manufacturer - E-One
Date of manufacture - 2008
Ladder - 95 foot aerial ladder

3027 - Squad Vehicle
Manufacturer - EJ Metals body on a Ford F550 chassis
Date of Manufacture - 2015

301  - Quint
Manufacturer - Pierce
Date of Manufacture -  2017
Ladder - 107 foot aerial ladder
Water Capacity - 500 Gallons

304 - Engine
Manufacturer - Pierce
Model - Enforcer
Date of Manufacture -  2016
Water Capacity - 750 Gallons

308 - Rescue Truck
Manufacturer - Pierce
Date of Manufacture - 2000

303 - Engine
Manufacturer - Pierce
Model - Enforcer
Date of Manufacture -  2017
Water Capacity - 750 Gallons

305 - Reserve Engine
Manufacturer - E-One
Model - Typhoon
Date of Manufacture -  2007
Water Capacity - 750 Gallons

Engine 5 - Antique Engine
Manufacture - Mack
Date of Manufacture - circa 1950

Interesting Factoid - This 1950's pumper is equipped with foam nozzles under the front bumper in the event of a plane crash on Elmwood Avenue, which used to line up with the airport’s main runway.  In the event of a crash landing, Engine 5 was to drive down Elmwood Avenue, spraying foam to put out fuel-based fire.  Today, Engine 5 serves as a tangible piece of pride for our members and the community.